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“Thank you Joanna.
I’ve learned how to manage goals using the Moon cycles.
I will include a self-care routine during the waning (yin) phase of the Moon.
You made this knowledge so simple, beautiful & fun to understand.
I’m inspired, resourced & motivated for the year ahead.”

Susan D.

Hey!!!! I’m Joanna…


And I’d love you to enjoy a Feel-Good Lifestyle while you manifest your life & business dreams!

It’s so vital to feel good and happy instead of exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed out as we move forward in our life and biz.

I’ve been using the Moon cycles for a few years to plan and organize my personal life and my small business.

I have to admit that I’m clearer, more focused, more relaxed and way more productive.
On top of that, I have more free time!!!

I’m the creator of “My Feel-Good Calendar” with the Moon cycles.
It’s a digital calendar that helps us, modern women, manage our time +
plan & manifest our BEST life & biz.

“My Feel-Good Calendar” can be used on its own. It’s part eBook/part monthly calendar with the info about the Moon cycles and how to work with its different phases.

“My Feel-Good Calendar” complements and supports My Feel-Good Lifestyle Online Coaching Program.
In this program, I help modern, creative and ambitious women organize their lives with the Moon cycles.

While they move toward success, they’re able to stay motivated, productive, well rested, relaxed, positive and happy.

The cool things is that we can do all we have to do, as women, if we know when it’s best to make things happen and when it’s best to let go and relax.

We can do it all as women! 😉
We just need to follow nature’s rhythms and not fight against them.

Using the right moment for action and manifestation and the right moment for rest and recuperation will create magic.

Then… we will be able to enjoy:
– a graceful life where things fall into place smoothly,
– a productive life where we can achieve a great deal,
– a balanced & freer life with more time for ourselves and our loved ones.

A new way of living is designed when we reconnect to nature’s rhythms and the Moon cycles. It’s nurturing and feels good.

Would you be interested in:
– a simple system to invite more balance in your life?
– guidance on the ideal time to plan your events, meetings, appointments, parties, holidays, diet, exercises program?
– support on how to implement a new way of living and doing business for a beautiful work/life balance experience?

Then, I can help you learn & apply my method to your life & biz so that you achieve more and have plenty of free time.

If peace of mind, clarity, health are your priorities right now…
If you deeply desire to make positive changes in your life…
If you’re looking for more balance, freedom and joy…
If you’re ready to invest in yourself & your future…

Book a free discovery.

I’d love to help you create your Feel-Good lifestyle with the Moon cycles!
We’ll see how we will apply this knowledge to your life and biz and how I will support you in this process.
Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other. 😉


Then book your free discovery call now.

More about me below…


I came up with “The Feel-Good Messenger” as my brand name when I was answering the question “How do I want to help people?”
I realized that from a young age, I’ve loved to make people feel good. At this time, I was offering a smile, a kind word or a compliment.

Today I’m offering:
– a peaceful energy transformation + an uplifted spirit with yoga
– clarity, peace of mind and organization with the Moon cycles
– humor and awareness with my art…
(I’m also a painter! 🙂 I use bright colors + I have fun humanizing Nature.)

Being “The Feel-Good Messenger” doesn’t mean that I’m always feeling good but I’ve got many tools to help me shift from busy, tired, discouraged and dispersed to positive, focused, grateful and relaxed. And I’m super happy to share these Feel-Good Tools with you.

I also call myself a “Lady Boss in Flip Flops”.

Yoga pants and flip flops are my workwear.
My everyday dress code includes flip flops whether I go to teach yoga & wellness in hotels and corporation or have a meeting with my accountant. 😀
I live on a tropical island! 🙂

I love my islander’s life!
What about you?
Are you fully happy with your lifestyle?
Do you want to create a life and biz you adore?
Do you want a life where you can express yourself and have lots of free time?

Let’s create your Feel-Good Lifestyle together!!!


I have a son. He’s a teen now.

I live in Mauritius.

My mother tongue is French.

I love to:
– walk barefoot, hug trees, lie down in the grass or on the beach,
– have a cup of tea, laugh until I cry and cry at the movies when there’s a happy ending,
– dance freely, connect with people, snack on chocolate…

I’m vegetarian.

I’m often wearing jeans and t-shirt when not in yoga pants. I also love boho/streetwear clothes and wearing layers + my own kind of fashion which is a mix of eclectic things.

I live close to the sea.

Animals are my friends, I love to connect and talk with them (Yes! And I’m sure they understand me!) 😀 😀 😀

My parents have given me the love for people. They were open to all the different personalities, cultures and religions we are lucky to live amongst in Mauritius.
So I love people!!! 🙂

Today, I’m making a business with my art, my yoga teaching & lifestyle coaching and that’s super exciting!!!
I’m also creating and supporting my tribe of free spirited, authentic, awesome women who do life and business on their own terms.

Today I’m living my Feel-Good Lifestyle, a simple & beautiful life that resonates with my dreams and my values.
In my Feel-Good Lifestyle, I’m able to express myself freely, make art, teach yoga, offer wellness coaching, live super well from my talents and skills and have plenty of dream time and creative time…

If you’re ready…

– to invest in yourself and your wellness,

– to develop your woman wisdom while being attuned to Nature’s wisdom,

– to harness the energy of the Moon cycles and its awesome work/life balance framework…

If you’re ready to create your Feel-Good Lifestyle…

I can guide you!

I can’t wait to see the positive transformation on your personal & professional journey!

And I’m looking forward celebrating YOUR successful AND Feel-Good Lifestyle!!!

Lots of love, peace, success & wellness!





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