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25 Things To Do On A New Moon

25 Things To Do On A New Moon

New Moon is the beginning of the Moon cycle. Tides are high. Energy is low. Night sky is at its darkest. Moon is invisible. And we see the stars. 😍

New Moon is a great time to nurture yourself, to rest and renew, to take the time to simply be and enjoy the present moment.
New Moon is the perfect time for self-care.

On a New Moon, you can:

1. Wake up a little late without rushing.

2. Work half-day or take a day off.

3. Repeat the positive affirmations “I am peaceful, I am relaxed, I am safe”.

4. Practice a short meditation. Say or chant a prayer/mantra.

5. Savor your favorite tea/coffee.

6. Light a candle and send good wishes to the world.

7. Journal and write your thoughts.

8. Get guidance from Tarot and Oracles. 

9. Diffuse essential oils in your home.

10. Practice gentle or restorative yoga with slow movement and long soft breaths.

11. Enjoy a cozy family diner.

12. Take a warm, relaxing bath.

13. Have a massage.

14. Read a beautiful/uplifting life story.

15. Do some diaphragmatic breathing to relax.

16. Spend quiet time at home.

17. Practice a guided relaxation in Savasana (relaxation yoga pose) or a Yoga Nidra.

18. Day dream and reflect on life. 

You can also do a New Moon Ritual if it’s your kind of things. I personally prefer simple wellness rituals than witchy kind rituals with spells. 😉

The list with the 25 New Moon Things to do continues below… 

19. Go for a silent walk.

20. Order a healthy meal so that you don’t have to cook.

21. If you enjoy cooking, make some simple, delicious, nourishing homemade food.

22. Have an Epsom salt foot soak.

23. Watch an inspiring movie or documentary.

24. Contemplate nature, the clouds, the trees, the sky, the stars.

25. Prioritize sleep and go to bed early.

With this long list of simple ideas, I’m sure you can find something to do on a New Moon that doesn’t take time and makes you feel good. 
Do not do too much!!! Pick only a few ideas.
Remember New Moon is about BEING and not DOING!😉 

What other self-care would you like to practice on the New Moon?

Tell me in the comments.

And if you’d like to get the New Moon, Full Moon & Quarter Moons Dates and Times + seasonal days & zodiac months dates, check out the Feel-Good Calendar with the Moon, the Sun & the Stars 2021 here. 

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