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International women’s Day brings the light on us, women.
This special day raises awareness about our women’s rights and freedom with a focus on gender equality and the celebration of women’s achievement.
I like to have a special thought for all women on that special day.
It makes me feel good to think about the beautiful, courageous and strong women I’m surrounded and inspired by. And it makes me not only happy, but proud to be a woman.
So, who are the women you want to remember and honor on the International Women’s Day?
Below some ideas..


On the International Women’s Day, you can celebrate:



These are the women that are close to you. 😊
Your mum, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, nieces and girl friends who know and love you as you are.
Your female ancestors.
Old girl friends you really enjoyed and had great connection with at some point even though you don’t see them anymore.
All women who have been there for you when you needed them.
Your female teachers and mentors who guided you through some self-discovery experiences.
Your female colleagues, bosses and employees.
Women who are loving, helpful and supportive on your journey.


Personally, I’ll give my mum the first place. Even if she annoyed me when I was younger, and we sometimes argue and disagree on some subjects.
She has supported me all the way in my unconventional lifestyle. She has been a loyal client and fan of all my business adventures from crafting jewels with shells and coconuts to practicing massage and teaching yoga…
She bought the nicest jewels pieces I created, booked some massage with me and she joined my yoga classes. An she’s still one of my regular yoga students.



There are plenty of women making our world a beautiful place. 😊
They may be famous or not. They are real or come from mythology and fictions.
They may be spiritual guides, leaders and goddesses.
These women are:
> Artist, authors, speakers and philosophers.
> Motivational speakers we’ve heard online or in live events.
> Actresses, singers and celebrities, we’ve seen on TV or the web.
> Religious and spiritual women and saints like Mother Mary, Mother Teresa or Hindu Deities like Lakshmi & Saraswati.
> Women archetypes and goddesses from the Roman and Greek mythology.

The motivational author Louise Hay has a very dear place in my heart and life.
I love her work with positive affirmations that helps to create a positive life and world.
I’ve been using her affirmation card decks for years with my yoga students. They all love this little ritual of pulling a card to feed their mind with good positive words and thoughts before class.

# YOU!!!


Were you going to forget this one awesome, precious person in your life???
The most important one! The Shero (She + Hero) of your own life!!! 😊
I’ve wrote this last, but this dearest person should be celebrated first!
You MUST celebrate YOU!!!
International Women’s Day is your day!!!
You’re the most important women in your life.
You’ve got to celebrate YOU on International Women’s Day!
Up to now you’ve made it, through the challenges and tough times…
You’re still here!!! Alive and sharing your unique feminine energy and light on this wonderful planet Earth.
You can celebrate the good things you did as a woman from an early age to the present moment.
You can celebrate your inner and outer beauty, all that is so very special about you, your gifts, your talents, your skills and your values as a woman.
You’ve been doing the best accordingly to situations coming your way. You’ve been moving forward.
You can be proud of the courageous, amazing woman you are.

International Women’s Day reminds us to celebrate all women (us included). You can, take a moment to remember women you admire and appreciate.
You can be thankful for the women who love you, support you, care for you, encourage and guide you.

So who do you want to celebrate on the International Women’s Day?

I’m celebrating my mum, my eclectic lady friends, my yoga students and you reading this post.
Plus, I’m celebrating ME of course!!! 😉

Your turn!
Let me know in the comments below.


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