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When you practice yoga, you need to be comfortable. The practice brings its own the challenges…

It’s best not to do yoga postures and flows in a dress or a skirt (although I’ve been doing some yoga pics in dresses! 😉😃)
For meditation, breathing exercises or relaxation any comfortable clothes that isn’t too tight will be good.
For a freestyle yoga practice, you can also wear Harem pants (which are a mix of pants and skirt 😊)  but for a yoga practice including different elements and movement, other outfits are more appropriate.

In the majority of yoga classes, you’ll move your body, practice breathing, meditation and relaxation.
Below you’ll find 3 yoga outfits for women to wear when practising in a class or on their own.
These are mostly for Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Gentle Yoga…

A little reminder: you don’t need trendy clothes or specific clothes to practice yoga but if you enjoy fashion, there are plenty of awesome yoga clothing brands today.


Now, let’s check 3 yoga outfits for women that you can wear to practice many styles of yoga:



This may be the easiest one to wear because you probably already have some leggings/jersey pants and some t-shirts in your wardrobe.
Personally it’s my favourite yoga outfit that I wear in 90% of my yoga classes at my Yoga & Art Studio.
For me, old leggings/jersey pants and tees in cotton (that I call “Pyjamas”) are the most comfortable yoga clothing. I often wear them at home too.
Frankly this is my kind of everyday clothes ( as a yoga & lifestyle coach / artist / entrepreneur, I can choose my own dress code😃).



If you’re practising some kind of sports, you may already have:

> Tights & tops

> Sport shorts & tank tops 

> Biker shorts & tees  

> Tracksuit bottoms & T-shirts/tops   

> Jersey pants & tops/t-shirts   

You can mix and match any of these accordingly your mood, to the weather and the place where you practice yoga.

In Mauritius, where I live, the weather is warm and tropical and I teach mostly yoga outdoors. So I’m often in yoga pants with a tank top.



This is the yoga outfit that we see the most in women’s yoga magazines, pictures and videos.

Yoga bra gives good support and it can be can worn on its own or with a T-shirt on top.

Personally I don’t like having my belly exposed so while I enjoy the support of the yoga bra, I always wear a T-shirt on my yoga bra.

When I teach yoga classes, privates and workshops in corporations and hotels in Mauritius, I usually wear T-shirts & pants. Outside of my studio, I do have a yoga dress code that is adapted to the place where I teach. 😉


NOTE: If you want to practice yoga in a heated room, to practice at the beach or do a dynamic yoga class, you’ll be more comfortable in yoga shorts & bra. 😉

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What clothes do you prefer to wear when practising yoga?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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