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Manage Your Time & Energy With The Moon Cycle

Manage Your Time & Energy With The Moon Cycle

Each Moon phase have an influence and energy that can inspire you to live your best life.

Whether you’re presently managing your time or not, the Moon cycle can give some guidelines on the best moment to do things and be productive as well as the best moment to take it easy, rest and replenish.

Maybe you’re presently managing your life, biz and passion with a calendar or planner (physical or digital).

You may start projects on the beginning of the month or week. The 1st of the Month has the energy of the number 1 associated with new beginnings. Monday as well hold the energy of beginning.

The Moon has been used for ages as a guideline for farming, living and spiritual practices. We lost this knowledge with the Gregorian calendar but today many people are reconnecting to the Moon energy.

As the Moon cycles round the Earth, we have a lunar month of about 29.5 days and 4 major phases (like the 4 weeks of a month):

  • The New Moon phase
  • The First Quarter Moon phase
  • The Full Moon phase
  • The Last Quarter Moon phase

The lunar month doesn’t start on the 1st of the Month. It holds the energy of a cycle with a beginning and an end.

The Moon cycles provides a great framework for the planning and manifestation of our life and business dreams and goals. 

Here is what you can do during each Moon phases:



New Moon marks the start of the Moon cycles. It’s a great moment for planning, dreaming, envisioning and new beginnings. And it’s a great moment to re-engage with your purpose or what you’d like to do and make happen.

When the Moon has zero illumination, the energy is low. We don’t feel like going out, we’re not very talkative, we’re checking-in with us, we dream, we rest, we imagine, we plan, we have many ideas…

New Moon is the time where we pause and take a deep breath.

New Moon phase is a good time to:

  •  Dream big
  •  Envision your life and biz and passions
  •  Set goals and intentions
  •  Plan what you want to manifest
  •  Rest, recuperate
  •  Take the time to simply be
  •  Nourish yourself
  •  Indulge in self-care and self-treat
  •  Renew

At this moment awareness and attention are turned inward and you can reconnect to your vision.


First Quarter Moon marks a period of movement and positive momentum. It’s a great time for action, moving forward and making things happen.

And it’s a great moment to make your goals and dreams happen.

It’s action time!!! Be bold! Just do it! 😉

When the Moon is half illuminated and growing, the energy rises. We feel like going out, we’re talkative, we connect, we move out of our comfort zone, we’re active and productive.

First Quarter Moon phase is a good moment to:

  •  Put your plan/goals into action
  •  Be active and productive
  •  Take action on your new moon goals
  •  Make your dreams come true
  •  Work on your goals
  •  Open new doors
  •  Manifest what you’ve planned
  •  Go for your dreams and make them happen
  •  Be productive
  •  Work on your projects
  •  Build up/create momentum
  •  Pick up the pace
  •  Grow and flourish
  •  Make positive changes
  •  Act confidently
  •  Expand
  •  Be assertive and decisive
  •  Take the first step
  •  Put your plan into action
  •  Be ambitious
  •  Be bold, determined and persistent
  •  Act upon your dreams
  •  Go manifest your goals and intention

At this moment awareness is turned outward and you are ready to move and achieve your dreams and goals.


Full Moon marks a peak in action.

It’s a great moment for manifestation, achievement, and conclusion.

And it’s a great moment to express yourself, be grateful.

This is where we are celebrating what we’ve achieved.

Full Moon is a time of celebration and gratitude.

We’re highly active. We’ve accomplished something.

When the moon is fully illuminated and glowing in the sky, the energy is at its peak. We feel like going out, celebrating, partying, connecting. We’re highly creative and very expansive. We’re manifesting things, relationships, projects and the live we want. We’re outgoing and fully open. 

Full Moon phase is a good moment to:

  •  Reap results of the First Quarter Moon planning
  •  Acknowledge small and big win
  •  Make a deal
  •  Start a new collaboration
  •  Sign a contract
  •  Manifest a goal
  •  Celebrate Life
  •  Harvest positive outcome
  •  Create powerful collaborations
  •  Be thankful for all you have
  •  Socialize
  •  Celebrate your progress and your success
  •  Make positive changes in your life
  •  Give blessings
  •  Cultivate/practice gratitude

At this moment awareness is turned outward and you’re achieving and manifesting what you’ve planned.


Last Quarter Moon marks the end of the Moon cycles.

It’s a great moment to finalize projects and review your journey plus course correct if necessary.

And it’s a great moment to release what doesn’t serve you anymore and clear the way for the new.

Last Quarter Moon is a time of completion where we ease our schedule, we unwind and we de-clutter our home and office spaces.

When the Moon is half illuminated and waning, the energy is dropping too.

We softly feel like going inward again and finding some time for ourselves.

We’re closing a chapter, ending projects…

Last Quarter Moon phase is a good moment to:

  •  Complete tasks
  •  Review and course correct your plans
  •  Ease your schedule
  •  Enjoy self-care
  •  Unwind
  •  End a bad habit
  •  Detox

This is the moment where our awareness is again turning inward. The Moon cycle comes to an end so that it restarts fresh with clarity and focus.

When the light of the Moon is decreasing, the energy is dropping. We feel like getting a little quiet, calmer and reflective.

We’re starting to go inward again. We observe, we analyze, we finalize, we complete, we close the cycle…

The Moon cycle will start again with the New Moon and you’ll have the possibility to re-engage with your projects and dreams.

Every lunar month you have an opportunity reconnect and re-engage with your dreams/passions/visions and start anew.

So what about your next New Moon Intentions/Goals/Resolutions that fits in the bigger goals?

Or do you want to wait for the New Year to set goals?

You can find my method of working, living and playing with the Moon Cycles in the Digital Calendar I’ve created. It’s part Ebook with the info and part calendar in an A4 format.

To get ready for New Year’s planning, get your calendar here with the 30% discount code “MOTIVATED”.

Do you plan and organize your life, your biz, your passion?

What system/method do you use?

Let me know in the comments below.

How To Create A Life You Love

How To Create A Life You Love

Are you living your kind of life? A life that reflects your passions and values, a life you enjoy, a life with meaning and purpose… A life where you express yourself and share your skills and talents with the world…

Here are 7 tips to help you create the life you love:

1. Follow Your Dreams

What do you want to do in this lifetime?

What do you love doing? What are you passionate about?

What are you having fun doing?

What can you keep on doing without feeling tired or bored?

Get clear your dreams so that you can fully enjoy your life.

Make time for your passion!

Make your passion your work so that work is play and fun and creative and joyous.

Don’t waste time chasing a life or career that isn’t making you enthusiastic and happy.

Follow your heart, follow your passion, follow your dreams and make good money doing what you love. 

2. Find Or Create Your Life Purpose

Some people know from a young age what they want to do with their life. Some don’t.

I didn’t. Maybe you don’t know too and it’s OK.

Try a few things. Explore what you prefer doing and what you’re good at.

I realized I love inspiring people to feel-good and I love creating art!!!

Do you have some small or big projects you want to bring to life?

What positive, uplifting and transformative things you can do for yourself, your life, your community, your country or the world?

(Do you know a smiling face can do the job!  😉

Make the most of this life by doing what you’re good at and by fully enjoying what you do.

3. Nourish Yourself

We need to be nourished on all levels; physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual.

Breathe deeply and consciously every day, drink plenty of water…

Enjoy healthy delicious food as much as possible and indulge in occasional treats. 😉

Surround yourself with uplifting people, books, movies…

4. Move Your Body

We humans never had such a sedentary life before. Today it is said that “sitting is the new smoking!” 😀

Practice Yoga! 😉

For me it’s an all-in-one wellness activity with movement, breath exercises, relaxation, mind training, universal values, self-study etc… And I personally think it can suit EVERYONE!

Not sure about that? Or maybe you’re thinking “What yoga should I practice?”

I can help you choose the best yoga practice for your needs, you lifestyle you’re your personality. 

If interested by a tailor-made yoga program for you, check my Feel-Good Yoga coaching and book your free 30 minutes discovery call so that we see how we can work together.

If you don’t like yoga, exercise! Find your preferred way to bring movement into your life.

Even if you practice yoga, it’s great to add other forms of movement: Dance, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Hula Hoop, Belly Dance…

Also practice activities outdoors, walk in Nature, swim in the sea…

5. Connect

Connect to Mother Earth, our planet; the place where we live and grow…

Notice and appreciate its abundant nature and beauty, its oceans, lands, trees, flowers…

Be thankful for the water, the food and the air that nourishes us, the fire that warms us, the space, the immensity.

Care and respect Mother Earth. Our home is such a gigantic playground…

Connect to the natural rhythms on our planet, to the Moon phases, the Sun and the seasons, the stars and planets surrounding us. All of these have a subtle influence on our daily lives.

Connect to the animals living among us, so many species… Awesome diversity!

Connect to people, not just your family but all humans living on our planet and be enriched by our similarities and diversities…

Connect to the divine or your Highest Self, the God of your heart or to the Universe,

Connect to what is bigger than you…

6. Become Your Best

Keep learning new things and continue to grow. Implement what you learn. Walk your talk.

Be ethical, practice universal values: respect, compassion, love and generosity…

Be graceful, kind and grateful for this incredible experience called Life.

There isn’t another person like you in this world.

Be fully yourself, express your uniqueness.

7. Share your talents

Give your best to the world, give your best to your work,

Give you best to your loved ones, your friends, your family, your community, your country…

Smile, create a garden, make good food or art…

Share your gifts and talents, support a cause dear to your heart,

Make your beautiful little or large contribution to the world.

What does a life you love looks like?

Let me know in the comments.

Practice Self-Care To Feel Good

Practice Self-Care To Feel Good

Self-care isn’t selfish 😉

Self-care is essential for our health and wellness 🙂

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is about caring for you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Self-care is about nourishing and nurturing your own self.

Self-care is about doing what matters to you, taking the time, releasing pressure from your life, letting go of stress, expressing yourself, enjoying things you love to do…

Self-care is also about recuperation, rejuvenation, enjoyment, health and healing…

Planning your self-care, making time for self-care and enjoying self-care is essential to your well-being.

How will you be able to care for your job/career/business, your loved ones, your passions, and your purpose if you don’t take care of yourselves first?

Try adding more self-care right now!


Self-Care Definitions:

Care for one-self

. The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health
.   The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.



I personally use “My Feel-Good Calendar with the Moon Cycles” to plan my self-care moments. (I also plan my life and biz 

there 😉 ).

If interested with this calendar, you can get yours here. (And enjoy 30% with my code “YES TO SELF-CARE”).


1. The Yearly Special Self-Care Event/Vacation


At least once a year, you can offer yourself a BIG self-care treat.

  •         A relaxing holiday in a beautiful environment
  •         A yoga or wellness retreat (my kind of thing, I’m a yoga teacher! :D)
  •         A training that will make you better or a self-development course

(Yes! I put this one in the yearly treat!!! Learning makes us grow and keep us young and alive!)

  •         A family gatherings
  •         A travel to discover a country
  •         A healthy peaceful holiday


(Maybe you’ll need to save money and plan ahead for this one. If you don’t have the money, what about a staycation to enjoy near-by places and discover or rediscover your own country.

2. The Monthly Self-Care with the Moon phase


Each month, there is a Moon phase that is super appropriate for self-care. This period include the last days of the Last Quarter Moon Phase (or Balsamic Moon Phase) and the first 3 days of the New Moon Phase (from the Dark Moon to the First Crescent). This is the Yin (low energy) phase of the Moon cycles.

During this phase, you can schedule more free time and less meetings or outings…

You can watch movies, order some food so you don’t have to cook, book a massage, and take it easy…

3. The Weekly Self-Care Moment (Usually on Week-ends)


Week-ends are associated with rest, fun, free time, recuperation, a healthy break from work and duties…

You can connect to nature and enjoy:

– A walk in the forest

– A day by the sea

– A picnic in a park

You can connect with loved ones and enjoy:

– A tea/coffee with a friend you love

– A family lunch

– A movie

You can reconnect to yourself

– Stay in bed with a good book

– Watch a romance on Netflix by yourself so you can cry (It’s cheaper than therapy)

– Watch the sunset

– Do some planning or journaling

– Have some creative time

– Put some music on and do a spontaneous freestyle dance

4. The Daily Self-Care Activity


Which means every day you have a little moment for you or you enjoy something… It can take as little as 5 minutes…

whether it’s a good homemade lunch/dinner, an uplifting movie, a yoga/dance/fitness class, a cup of tea/coffee, a relaxing bath, a swim…

Something that makes you feel good (not guilty) and doesn’t take too much time.


Below my daily self-care list:

– A cup of tea (my everyday self-care!)

– Watching the sky and the clouds and the trees

– Taking 5 deep breaths

– Going for a walk outdoors

– Having a hot shower (very relaxing for me!)

4. The Self-Care “Extra”

This one comes at any point of the day, the week, the month, the year when you realize you need some kind of support and extra care to feel-good.

Here are some options:

– Booking a massage because you feel so tense whether it’s the perfect Moon phase for self-care or not, whether it’s week day or week-end…

– Listening to a guided relaxation/meditation or practicing Yoga Nidra

– Legs up the wall for  5 to 10 minutes (Viparita Karani aka a restorative yoga pose)

– Calling a good friend

– Listening to a TED talk, your favorite motivational speaker/comedian, an uplifting story, a comedy…

– Trying a new activity (ballroom dance, pottery, gym… hula hoop, cooking classes…)

– Enjoying an ice-cream, your favorite chocolate, a pizza, your kind of comfort food with awareness and gratitude. (Let it be occasional & guilt free)

– Going to the beach (easy when you live 10 minutes from the beach like me (I know I’m lucky… except if you don’t like the beach! :D)

– A walk in nature

What would you like to add to this list?

What are your self-care moments?

When do you enjoy self-care?

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