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Self-care isn’t selfish 😉

Self-care is essential for our health and wellness 🙂

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is about caring for you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Self-care is about nourishing and nurturing your own self.

Self-care is about doing what matters to you, taking the time, releasing pressure from your life, letting go of stress, expressing yourself, enjoying things you love to do…

Self-care is also about recuperation, rejuvenation, enjoyment, health and healing…

Planning your self-care, making time for self-care and enjoying self-care is essential to your well-being.

How will you be able to care for your job/career/business, your loved ones, your passions, and your purpose if you don’t take care of yourselves first?

Try adding more self-care right now!


Self-Care Definitions:

Care for one-self

. The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health
.   The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.



I personally use “My Feel-Good Calendar with the Moon Cycles” to plan my self-care moments. (I also plan my life and biz 

there 😉 ).

If interested with this calendar, you can get yours here. (And enjoy 30% with my code “YES TO SELF-CARE”).


1. The Yearly Special Self-Care Event/Vacation


At least once a year, you can offer yourself a BIG self-care treat.

  •         A relaxing holiday in a beautiful environment
  •         A yoga or wellness retreat (my kind of thing, I’m a yoga teacher! :D)
  •         A training that will make you better or a self-development course

(Yes! I put this one in the yearly treat!!! Learning makes us grow and keep us young and alive!)

  •         A family gatherings
  •         A travel to discover a country
  •         A healthy peaceful holiday


(Maybe you’ll need to save money and plan ahead for this one. If you don’t have the money, what about a staycation to enjoy near-by places and discover or rediscover your own country.

2. The Monthly Self-Care with the Moon phase


Each month, there is a Moon phase that is super appropriate for self-care. This period include the last days of the Last Quarter Moon Phase (or Balsamic Moon Phase) and the first 3 days of the New Moon Phase (from the Dark Moon to the First Crescent). This is the Yin (low energy) phase of the Moon cycles.

During this phase, you can schedule more free time and less meetings or outings…

You can watch movies, order some food so you don’t have to cook, book a massage, and take it easy…

3. The Weekly Self-Care Moment (Usually on Week-ends)


Week-ends are associated with rest, fun, free time, recuperation, a healthy break from work and duties…

You can connect to nature and enjoy:

– A walk in the forest

– A day by the sea

– A picnic in a park

You can connect with loved ones and enjoy:

– A tea/coffee with a friend you love

– A family lunch

– A movie

You can reconnect to yourself

– Stay in bed with a good book

– Watch a romance on Netflix by yourself so you can cry (It’s cheaper than therapy)

– Watch the sunset

– Do some planning or journaling

– Have some creative time

– Put some music on and do a spontaneous freestyle dance

4. The Daily Self-Care Activity


Which means every day you have a little moment for you or you enjoy something… It can take as little as 5 minutes…

whether it’s a good homemade lunch/dinner, an uplifting movie, a yoga/dance/fitness class, a cup of tea/coffee, a relaxing bath, a swim…

Something that makes you feel good (not guilty) and doesn’t take too much time.


Below my daily self-care list:

– A cup of tea (my everyday self-care!)

– Watching the sky and the clouds and the trees

– Taking 5 deep breaths

– Going for a walk outdoors

– Having a hot shower (very relaxing for me!)

4. The Self-Care “Extra”

This one comes at any point of the day, the week, the month, the year when you realize you need some kind of support and extra care to feel-good.

Here are some options:

– Booking a massage because you feel so tense whether it’s the perfect Moon phase for self-care or not, whether it’s week day or week-end…

– Listening to a guided relaxation/meditation or practicing Yoga Nidra

– Legs up the wall for  5 to 10 minutes (Viparita Karani aka a restorative yoga pose)

– Calling a good friend

– Listening to a TED talk, your favorite motivational speaker/comedian, an uplifting story, a comedy…

– Trying a new activity (ballroom dance, pottery, gym… hula hoop, cooking classes…)

– Enjoying an ice-cream, your favorite chocolate, a pizza, your kind of comfort food with awareness and gratitude. (Let it be occasional & guilt free)

– Going to the beach (easy when you live 10 minutes from the beach like me (I know I’m lucky… except if you don’t like the beach! :D)

– A walk in nature

What would you like to add to this list?

What are your self-care moments?

When do you enjoy self-care?

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