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A personalized online program to cultivate and enjoy a relaxed body, mind and life
(open to complete beginners and regular yoga students)

Are you looking for a yoga practice that will help you unwind, move consciously, breathe deeply, recuperate, heal and feel-good?

Do you want to:

– Invite ease, mobility and strength in your body?

– Free your mind from negative and toxic thoughts?

– Manage and calm your emotions?

– Quiet the mental chatter?

– Release tensions & restriction in your body?

– Relax and recuperate?

– Tame that busy mind?

– Develop a positive attitude?

– Manage anxiety, stress and restlessness?

– Have a better body posture?

– Stop unhealthy habits and develop new healthy ones?

– Sleep better?

– Enjoy a healthy, happy body and mind?

– Be confident and inspired as you move forward with your life?

Are you interested in:

– Online yoga?

– Full undivided attention, care and support?

– Sessions that fit in your busy schedule?

– Personalized coaching for your needs, body type, lifestyle, passion?

– Accountability to keep you motivated?

– A positive transformation in your life?

Are you ready to:

– Invest money in your health & wellness?

– Allow yourself more self-care and healing?

– Commit to 12 weeks yoga coaching program?

– Transform your body, mind and life for the best?

If it’s a “YES” to most of these questions, then:

Book your 30 minutes FREE discovery call!

We’ll see:

– How I can help you achieve the results you want,

– The best way to create your Feel-Good Yoga practice for wellness, relaxation and healing,

– If we’re a good match for each other. 😉

Let’s create your Feel-Good Yoga practice together so that you feel good in your body, mind and soul and happy with your life!


“Thank you Joanna.
I’ve learned how to manage goals using the Moon cycles.
I will include a self-care routine during the waning (yin) phase of the Moon.
You made this knowledge so simple, beautiful & fun to understand.
I’m inspired, resourced & motivated for the year ahead.”

Susan D.

“My Saturday morning class with Joanna is therapy after a tough week.
It’s my ‘me time’, my moment of self-care and self-love.
Jo is fun. She always shares good vibes.
I like every minute of her yoga class; the centering meditation, the positive affirmations, the postures and the relaxation…
I’ve developed strength in my body. I’m more flexible. And I have explored postures I thought I would never be able to do.
I’ve also learnt to be more positive and to focus on the good in my life.”

Shabeneez N.

“I am so uplifted and so happy to have joined your yoga classes.
I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU!
You have helped me to improve my quality of life.”

Vani G.



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